VivaGuard Ino Blood Glucose Smart Monitoring System

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Kit Consists of:

  •  1 VivaGuard Ino Smart Blood Glucose Meter
  • 100 VivaGuard Testing Stips (2 Boxes)
  • 100 VivaGuard Lancets (1 Box)
  • 1 VivaGuard Lancing Device
  • 1 Box of VivaGuard Control Solution

VivaGuard Ino Smart Blood Glucose Meter

  • 8 Electrode Strip Technology
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Enabled
  • Auto Sync
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 5-Second Test Time
  • Backlight and Strip Light

    Test Blood Glucose levels

    Easy-to-use, compact system offers accurate blood glucose results in just 5 seconds. System is designed to test blood glucose levels using monitor, lancing device and test strips. Compact system is designed with special features, including a strip ejector with backward/forward button to easily dispose the used strips without making contact. Lancing device has 5 depth settings and ejector to avoid touching lancet.

    Reliable, Valuable & Dependable

    The system includes a special design with eight electrodes that offers superior performance, advanced features and innovative technologies that lead to accurate results – without a prescription or a doctor visit. These include: HCT Correction: The system detects the hematocrit signal of a blood sample then reduces the interference. Temperature Compensation: The system detects the temperature signal then compensates for the effect. Auto Coding: The system detects the coding information of each test strip automatically. Unique Formulation: The test strip has a unique formulation that is very stable in extreme environments. Unique Algorithm: After detecting signals of various common sources of interference, the meter runs a unique algorithm producing highly accurate results. Its advanced features include: a wide hematocrit range of 20%-70%, auto-coding, 5-second test time, 900-test memory, meal markers/5 test reminders, a hypo warning and insufficient sample detection.

    8 Electrodes Help Deliver Better Accuracy
    Strip Ejector Prevents Touching Used Strips
    Lancing Device with Ejector to Prevent Accidental Needle Stick
    Data Review with Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Averages