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ABC Plus Wellness:

Established in 1997, ABC Plus Pharmacy is a national mail order pharmacy and medical supplier licensed in all 50 states. Born from ABC Plus Pharmacy, ABC Plus Wellness was created to provide accessible, US grown, pharmacy supervised, premium CBD products complete with third party testing analysis.



To make positive changes to the landscape of selfceare through innovation and excellence.


Why ABC Plus Wellness CBD?

Not all CBD is created equal.

We believe you need to know where and how your Hemp is grown. We choose to use organic Hemp farms in South Carolina and believe in sustainable farming practices. Hemp grows more vigorously than corn, but requires less water, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer, earning it a reputation as a sustainable crop. The plant has over 25,000 known uses and is potentially an eco-friendly alternative for other crops commonly produced on an industrial scale. We believe in outdoor Hemp cultivation and its benefits.

  • Small carbon footprint
  • Low water maintenance
  • Little-to-no pest management
  • Hemp cleans the soil and captures CO2
  • Economic benefit to small farmers


CO2 Extraction

ABC Plus Wellness CBD uses a CO2 extraction process in which pressurized carbon dioxide pulls the desired phytochemical from the plant.


This is the same process that removes caffeine from coffee beans allowing manufacturers to produce decaffeinated coffee. CO2 extraction is so important because it allows for all of the Hemp cannabinoids to be used together, also known as the Entourage Effect. Furthermore, CO2 extraction kills any microbial bacteria, insect mites, mold, or mildew on the plant granting a concentrated that is clean and significantly healthier for consumption.


Partnering with ABC Plus Wellness

Our wholesale & affiliate programs allow retail businesses, medical offices, and independent entrepreneurs the opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market.

ABC Plus Wellness is committed to supporting our healthcare professionals. In order to assist patients and referral sources, we have created limited risk opportunities that enhance product and service offerings for medical offices and retailers.

Our Affiliate Program is both an expansion of individual businesses and a cost effective way to explore the opportunity of CBD without incurring any expenses.

Benefits Include:

  • ABC+Wellness brand
  • Wholesale CBD oil pricing
  • Same-day shipping
  • 100% US grown Hemp
  • Premium grade full spectrum CBD oil
  • Free to join
  • Free shipping
  • No minimum number of units
  • World class service
  • Lab reports available for every batch
  • Unique promo codes


Custom Brand Distribution — ** may want photos from page 11?

Custom Brand Distribution was officially launched in January 2019, after three years of research and development with three Carolina groups who have developed an expertise in organic farming, biomass processing, lab testing, and e-liquid manufacturing.

Custom Brand Distribution provides turn-key solutions for CBD brands with raw material supply, tailored manufacturing and fulfillment, all under one 35,000 square foot roof.

Located in the foothills of South Carolina’s upstate, CBD² is now in full production of private label brands.

  • Hemp Consultation
  • Brand Development
  • Top Tier Manufacturing


CBD2 Manufacturing & Fulfillment Center

Spartanburg, South Carolina

35,000 sq ft manufacturing facility

  • 15,000 sq ft inventory warehouse
  • 10,000 sq ft shipping and receiving Dept
  • 6,000 sq ft ISO clean room/laboratory
  • 4,000 sq ft executive offices

Refinement & Testing Lab

  • PHD supervised formulation and testing lab
  • Farming supply and extraction locations within one-hour
  • Fully vertical Hemp & CBD production group (NC/SC)

All CBD grown in the Carolinas, USA